The unthinkable happened to Hogwarts; it was blown up. But why? The story stretches back over several years, and so, for future generations, as much information has been retrieved as possible.

~ Background Information: The Creation of the Black Wand ~

~ Several years before the main events, a conversation took place outside the greenhouses between a couple of first years students. ~

~ When a student, one Dominique Snelly became mentally ill, her condition was traced back to an awry spell that had been placed on her when she was younger. It was also found that the only way to removed the spell and to cure her was to invite a powerful dark wizard by the name of Prince into the school. ~

~ However, Prince used this to his advantage, and with the wards down that would have normally kept him out, he took up residence in the seventh year History of Magic classroom where he began the first stage of his plan to re-create the Black Wand. ~

~ After bewitching four students, all four of the common rooms were ransacked: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The servants were looking for the four objects which, when combined would form the Wand. ~

~ When Druscilla Danuliete, the headmistress at the time, discovered his deception, she struck a deal with him to get him out of Hogwarts: if he could get her sister, Daiva, out of Azkaban and remove the four students from his thrall, then she would give him the objects he wanted. And so Prince left. He was gone for quite a while, and things at Hogwarts seemed to return to normal - there were no more mysterious attacks or acts of vandalism. Students from the Wrightwards Academy for the Education of Young Warlocks were invited. And a Ball was held.
Prince returned on the night of the Ball, with Daiva in tow, and was about to hand over her when he discovered Druscilla planned to double-cross him. In a fit of rage, Prince began killing students and casting spells, the four students he had once enchanted under his control once more. In the turmoil that followed, Prince also managed to get hold of two of the objects - the Gryffindor necklace and Slytherin dagger. Druscilla managed to cast a spell on him that severely disabled him, doing terrible things to his body but not killing him. With the last of his strength he managed to escape with Daiva, the two objects and a Hogwarts student by the name of Saturn Neptune. At the end of term feast Danuliete commended the students for their courage. ~

~ The new term continued as per normal, although there were some strange occurences. ~

~ However, this was not to last. ~

~ With his return, Prince decided that a distraction was in order, and both the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw common rooms were ransacked as his servants searched for the objects. ~

~ Meanwhile, in the Great Hall, the destruction began, and several lives were lost. Students tried to escape to Hogsmeade, aided by the professors. As the commotion continued, there was the first revelation of the night. ~

~ As more students tried to escape, there was another revelation and the traitor from the phrophecy was revealed as the old medic arrived. ~

~ Alleigiances were formed as Prince's power grew with the Black Wand now in his power and the death toll mounted. ~

~ And with one spell, Hogwarts was aflame. ~

~ With the school on fire, there was one last death and friendships broken before Prince left with his followers. There has since been no sign of him, but is no news necessarily good news? ~