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So you want to apply to Hogwarts? Great! First read the rules on this page, then clink the link at the bottom to proceed to the Sorting Hat!

How Things Are Done At Headmaster Messinger's School

To give you all a better idea of how one should (and should not) post, here are some sample messages.

1. A post should look like a story, not an e-mail.
Hi, my name is Lady Scarlett, please be my friend.
"Hi," said a woman sitting by the fire, "my name is Lady Scarlett." She stood up and moved closer to the group, hoping to befriend one of them.

2. A post should say only what your character thinks, says, and does. Do not write for other people.
Lady Scarlett said "Hello, Elionwy." Professor Mayvero replied "Go away, Scarlett," because she was in a bad mood.
Lady Scarlett walked up to the Herbology professor, hoping she was in a decent mood, and said "Hello, Elionwy."

3. All posts should remain in character. This means no references to posting, messages, online, etc... these are all words never used in the Harry Potter world.
"Is anybody online right now?" said Lady Scarlett. "If so, respond to this message or e-mail me."
Lady Scarlett walked into the Great Hall to see if anyone was there. She was in a talkative mood and hoped someone else would want to have a conversation with her.

4. Don't wait for someone else to start an adventure. Go ahead and start one!
"I'm bored!" shouted Lady Scarlett. "Doesn't anyone want to do something?"
Lady Scarlett took a book down from the bookshelf. To her surprise, a key fell out! Picking it up, she asked the other teachers, "Does anyone want to go exploring? We should find out what this opens."

5. Posts should be written in the third person, past tense.
I go into the kitchen and get myself a snack.
Lady Scarlett went into the kitchen and made herself a light snack.

6. No foul language or violence.
Lady Scarlett went into the staff room and said "You're a %$[#* *&#($&, Marcus, and I hate you!" Then she stabbed the caretaker with a big knife.
Lady Scarlett glared at the caretaker and made every effort to avoid him.

7. No characters or names from the Harry Potter books. At all.
Draco Weasley wanted to go visit his friend Hermione Patil, but Professor McGonnagall wouldn't let him.
Lady Scarlett walked into the Great Hall with the Transfiguration profeesor and waved at Crystal Lake, the Quidditch coach.

8. No special powers or magical gifts unless previously approved by the faculty.
Billy telepathically told his friend Sally that they should invisibly levitate to the secret island where they kept their pet dragon.
With the light from Sally's Lumos charm, Billy could see that the plant was badly injured. He used the spells Professor Mayvero had taught him in Herbology I to begin mending it.

Now that you've read the rules, you may apply to Hogwarts! But don't worry, you don't have to wrestle a troll. Just put on the Sorting Hat, and let it decide where you should go.

The Sorting Hat