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Hogwarts Classes
Welcome to the classes page. You are not allowed to use magic in the corridors, but in lessons you can use as much magic as you like! In your classes, you learn to hone your magical skills, picking up experience and knowledge as you progress through the school. Please choose the classroom you wish to go to from the list below. Be sure to only attend the classes that you belong to.

First Years must take the standard six courses.

Second Years must take six classes. You can choose one of the optional classes if you wish.

Third to Fifth Years must take at least four classes. You can choose up to two optional classes if you wish.

Sixth and Seventh Years must go to their head of house and decide which career they wish to pursue so that they can give you the necessary courses. Every sixth and seventh year must have at least 3 NEWT-selected courses, including as many of the "optional" courses as they wish.

The Standard Courses



{History of Magic}

{Defense Against the Dark Arts}


Optional Courses
{Divination} {Care of Magical Creatures} {Muggle Studies}