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Hogwarts Staff

Headmaster: Professor Caratacus Messinger
Deputy Headmistress: Professor Elionwy Mayvero

Head of Gryffindor: Professor Mira Edhel Jacoby
Head of Hufflepuff: Professor Algernon de Rosier
Head of Ravenclaw: Professor Elionwy Mayvero
Head of Slytherin: Professor Druscilla Danuliete

Charms Professor(s)
Professor Algernon de Rosier (Years 1-7)

History of Magic Professor(s)
Assitant Professor Christopher Luke Hobbs (Years 1-3)
Adele McGowan (Years 4-7)

Potions Professor(s)
Professor Herdomine Knight (Years 1-3)
Professor Druscilla Danuliete (Years 4-7)

Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor(s)
Professor Druscilla Danuliete (Years 1-3)
Professor Herdomine Knight (Years 4-7)

Herbology Professor(s)
Professor Elionwy Mayvero (Years 1-3)
Assistant Professor Avery Berke (Years 1-3)
Professor Mira Edhel Jacoby (Years 4-7)

Transfiguration Professor(s):
Professor Isaradith Annatar-Gadien (Years 1-7)

Divination Professor(s)
Professor Dougal Gribbens (All Years)

Care of Magical Creatures Professor(s)
Professor Crystal Lake (All Years)

Muggle Studies Professor(s)
Year 1: --Open--
Year 2: --Open--
Year 3: --Open--
Year 4: --Open--
Year 5: --Open--
Year 6: --Open--
Year 7: --Open--

Quidditch Coach(es)
Professor Francisco Hardy

Professor Adele McGowan

Madam Echo Kiwana

Marcus Darkmoor

Teaching Positions are always open.
Do not be afraid to request a position that may seem to be taken.
If you are applying for a teaching position, please select at least one other choice.
This list is NOT updated daily.