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Site Credits
Though I am the current webmaster of this Hogwarts site, I can in no way take credit for its outstanding creative and technical achievements. The creator of the site, who went by the pseudonym of Headmaster Cogno Quiggly, found spare time to be suddenly scarce, and made the difficult decision to pass ownership on to his sucessor, known as Lady Hepseba Ghast.

The original concept for the discussion boards, most of the html, and some of the words and colour schemes currently used on this site, are all a product of hours of Quiggly's toil. While graphics, text, and even some school policies have since changed, I recognize (as should the reader) that everything done here is owed to the former Headmaster's immense ingenuity and breathtaking efforts.

When Lady Ghast too found that time was also short, the site was passed onto Drusilla Danuliete. Who subsequently blew it up. Ever the creative genius, the school was rebuilt under the temporary control of one Bertram de Black. Following Bertram's decision to pursue other activites, the school was passed into my hands. I did not create this RPG and I would never take credit for such a thing, which is why this page exists, to allow newcomers (as well as some of the older RPers) this site has passed through many hands, these hands helping to shape it to what it has become.