Faculty Application

This is the FACULTY APPLICATION. All those wishing to apply as students should visit the Sorting Hat. Students should not fill out the faculty application.

Before applying, please read the Posting Guidelines page. If you don't, chances are I'll be able to tell by your application.



I want everyone to have a fair chance, so I thought I would mention once more that I do not accept one-sentence applications, forms with names from the Harry Potter books, or any forms which in some other way do not conform to the regulations.

Do not write on the boards until you have received a confirmation letter from the Headmistress with your class assignment. Posts from those who have not yet been hired will be deleted. Please be patient, and understand that responses may not be immediate. Thank you for filling out the application.

What is your Character's Full Name?

What is your E-mail address?

What Position would you like?

Note: Without an E-mail, you cannot be accepted

The Following Questions Pertain to Your Character:

   Tell us a bit about your character. Their Likes, Dislikes, Attitude, anything really:

   What Does your character look like? Is there any reason why they look this way?:

  In Your Character's Spare Time, What do they enjoy doing? Is there any particular reason why?:

Tell Us About the History of Your Character:

What is Your Character's Family's History:

If Your Character had to Face a Boggart, what shape would it take and why?:

If Your Character were to look into the Mirror of Erised, What would they see and why?:

The most important part of being a professor is the ability to create interesting, creative and open-minded lessons. We never give tests until finals and we suggest keeping essays to a minimum because, after all, those are not fun.

In the space provided, please write a sample lesson. Note that you are to write in third person (past-tense) and those not writing in this format will not be accepted.

The sample lesson is a requirement!

Also keep in mind that any lessons less than 3 paragraphs (approximately 15 sentences) might not be accepted. Any Lessons less than 2 paragraphs (approximately 10 sentences) will NOT be accepted.